Wild Camping in The Cairngorms 2016/05/27

In this trip report I spend a week Wild Camping in The Cairngorms. I was lucky enough to spot some great wildlife. Read our full trip report.


The Act and Code Guide Scotland has the land reform act which enables you to legally wild camp, there are some details to this so check out the link for more information.

The ability to freely enjoy the outdoors and backcountry areas I believe is fundamental right to everyone and if combined with good education in the outdoors especially at a young age will help protect the natural environment. I believe if more people are aware of how much fun, excitement and emotional well being comes from spending time outdoors then people will be more inclined to protect it.


For the first few days I would be on my own relaxing in woodland loosing track of time, reading, drinking organic matcha tea and spotting pine martins across the river I was camped next to. Hard life when you are wild camping in The Cairngorms.

Spending time alone in the outdoors make everything feel that little bit more adventurous and immersive.


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