Hiking in the Lauterbrunnen Valley 2017/07/05

I think anywhere you go it's important to calmly sit by a camp fire and look into the flames as they change in subtle ways. From place to place and country to country with different woods from all over the world.


Walking away from Gimmelwald and into Lauterbrunnen Valley. You go past a local fire spot with a well maintained wood pile and pit. It sits next to a raging river and high above you have glaciers looking down on you all the time feeding the torrent.
However if you know the area then there is far more magic in a place that exists further up. Chilchbalm is a jewel of the area. In my pack I had a basic sleep system of bivi and sleeping bag. Along with some new equipment for field testing. Food consisted of three boiled eggs some bread and cheese with the essential addition of Tabasco sauce.

Hiking in the Lauterbrunnen Valley

Picking the odd wild strawberry takes you right to the end of the valley and its an amazing spot. Finding a suitable spot to camp took a little longer as there were plenty of flat grassy areas to choose from. I settled with a little glade with a large flat rock. I could use to light a fire on as at 1600m it would be getting cold later.
Rolling back the moss that covered the rock meant I could leave as small a trace as possible.  Consequently when it came to strike camp the next day as the moss can simply be rolled back over the stone. A memorable evening indeed in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

- Sunny

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