Skuleskogen National Park Summer 2016/08/21

“Docksta!” The word kept on running through my mind as the coach driver announced it at 2am on a dark February morning earlier this year. However this was July and it was like I was visiting a different country all together. Here we see Summer in Skuleskogen National Park in Northern Sweden.


I spent the week in Skuleskogen National Park exploring more of the area than I managed in winter. Sadly gone was the feeling of isolation and wilderness. Instead this was replaced by frequent passers by and the distant roar of speed boats. Welcome to Skuleskogen National Park in Summer.

Skuleskogen National Park in Summer

It was not all doom and gloom as the forest floor was carpeted in wild Bilberries. Instead of white snow it was all verdant green.

It was an incredible week and let’s put my negative comments in context as to find anything as wild and as lush as Skuleskogen in the UK would be extremely challenging. It did reveal to me that I have to find more remote areas to visit next.

The week was spent picking wild blueberries, drinking matcha tea and swimming in the warm crystal clear sea. Lighting fires by the beach and wondering how bright it remains until well into the night.


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