Spring Foraging - Nettle Tea Guide 2018/06/22

Nettle tea makes a delightful beverage that has medicinal properties. I head to an area which is away from roads, dog walkers and disturbance in order to find the healthiest nettles. I also consider what is beneath my feet when sourcing the best plants, as if the soil is in good healthy condition then the plants will be all the better for it.


Start picking nettles when they are young and no taller than 20cm off the ground. I aim directly for the growing tip at the very top of the plant and I use gloves whilst picking. Urtica dioica or stinging nettle makes for a great tea so once I have collected a bag full I will let them dry out so they can be stored. Combining with peppermint leaves makes the tea taste better, and one can add sugar too or honey. Best time for this is early Spring.


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