Bivouac Bivvy Bivi Bivy 2013/04/20

The plan was to attend one of those awful 'work training' events. You know the ones with lots of organised fun and games. My idea of hell. After the day's activities (and a few pints at the pub) I managed to slip off into the night and go bivouac somewhere on the hills.


Two days in the Peak District were all I had and they were sadly mostly going to be spent 'at work'. Thus making escape much harder. In the end the most subtle tactical plan was executed to perfection. Snuck off after three pints, ditched the work crew and dashed into the night.

Bivouac Shelter

It is simple and highly adaptable. Completely different to the feeling of using a tent. Highly recommended. Falling asleep with owls hooting around you, a distant stream bubbling and the wind lightly blowing through the trees above is something worth making the effort for.


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