Dartmoor in Winter 2013/03/06

Dartmoor in winter presents a familiar landscape with an alien covering. A couple of days spent hiking and one night out wild camping. 


Dartmoor is one of my most frequented areas in the UK. Firstly its feeling of remoteness and bubbling streams leading onto long views across the moors make it a special place for me. Secondly the area is friendly towards wild camping. However above all it is the moors ability to take your breath away with every visit. It always shows you something new. Seeing the moor in its winter magic was truly breathtaking.

Dartmoor in Winter

It was just going to be a simple overnighter. Sadly a lack of time meant it would have to be a short trip but this was no matter as the journey turned out to be more than worth it.

Hiking to the edge of the moor along the Tarka Trail gave the first glimpse of the pure white landscape which was simply splendid. Up to Belstone Common revealed snow drifts, undulating bumps and ice dangling delicately from the thinnest of grass blades.

Onwards towards Belstone's Nine Maidens which were sticking out of the snow. Looking out towards the circle it was as if suddenly a timeless environment was entered and the present day world faded away.

My Jetboil was produced and warm coffee soon followed. A welcome break after walking through snow deeper than my knee. On the steeper slopes kicking steps was the only way to progress, I was thankful for my stiff boots on this trip.

Its so important to be outdoors throughout the year. Let nature have an impact on you with its changing colours and smells in every season.


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