Dartmoor in Winter Wild Camping 2019/01/23

With a new year upon us it was only fit to make a goal for 2019. I really wanted to see the seasons through, from winter to winter once again. With lots of mushy weather there was a little break in conditions and I headed to my beloved Dartmoor in winter to seek wide open space and that unmistakeable damp moor air.

The forecast was rain, reasonable winds and sunshine. These would make perfect testing grounds for the Páramo Clothing system I would be using. I would also be packing one of the latest 4 season tents from MSR, the Access 1. This lightweight backcountry tent will appear in an up and coming review.

Dartmoor in winter can throw everything at you but I felt like sticking to the tops to get the fresh air right in my face and enjoy the views of the lingering snow too. The stiff breeze blew the cobwebs away. My trip Included a pitch high up on a tor which was a great idea. May have been a bit risky with a new tent but the Access 1 performed fine.

Hiking further away from edges of the moor and more into its heart I navigated towards a lovely spot that was somewhat sheltered from the wind and rain. This made a great choice compared from the first night that was high up and pretty exposed.


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