British Woodland in Spring 2018/05/24

I suggest you be personal witness to this wonderful display deep in the woods, sitting still and looking long. Nature reveals its high drama all around you and rewards slow steady movement with glimpses of raw wild life. British woodland in spring is the time to head outside and be a part of it all.

Wild Garlic carpet the forest floor. These are normally found next to watercourses in damp shaded conditions. The smell will normally give them away sometimes before you even spot them!

The month of May is certainly the time to head out and be a part of this great natural renewal. The forest offers wild edibles to the forager, plenty of noisy bird life to the ornithologist and fresh air to anyone.

HAPPY the man whose wish and care

A few paternal acres bound,

Content to breathe his native air

In his own ground.

The Quiet Life A.Pope

I pick nettles this time of year to make tea and in the month of May the plants are still young and taste good. I take the growing tip and let them dry out naturally for a few days before mixing with peppermint leaves.


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