Brecon Beacons East Section 3 Day Spring Tour 2019/03/29

Going anywhere spontaneously in the UK by using public transport is a crime. It would seem the punishment is a hefty fine. With the train costing almost £100 to reach my destination I opted for the “budget bus” alternative. The Brecon Beacons East Section would serve my needs as a suitable backdrop for a spring time hike.

The weather was absolutely sublime. Surrounded by nature relishing in the annual renewal made the trip all the more magical. The small details emerge around you, especially so in early spring. Robin singing from a high tree branch vantage spot, lambs in the field and brown hares darting like flashes in the middle distance. Fresh hawthorn leaves coming through offered a ‘snack’ to the passing hiker too. Wild garlic, primrose and blossoms increased the stimulation.

The Brecon Beacons east section is home to much wildlife, especially if you know the more remote areas. I often see cuckoos, green woodpeckers and buzzards.


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