The Black Mountains in Autumn Wild Camping 2017/10/10

Making the effort to leave the routine is always worth it and sometimes its hard. I think our bodies are naturally inclined to stay in the warmth and reside in the predictable but to balance this there is this inner drive to leave it all behind. The added bonus of a meteor shower helped too. This would be a lovely trip in the Black Mountains in Autumn.


Spending time outdoors is healing and at this time of year everything is so especially colourful with an air of nature winding down, it seems to impart it’s magic within you. This is the Black Mountains Autumn.

The Black Mountains in South Wales is an area I have been before but this would be a brief overnighter so the location fitted with a hasty visit as this meteor shower was going to happen.

The smell of damp heathland soon hit me and was filling my lungs with its moist greenhouse like goodness. Hiking up to little tucked away spot with a great view I pitched my tent just before dark and got the lenses ready for some astrophotography…

Sunset over the hills and no sign of the meteor shower, the large moon didn't help matters one bit.

- Sunny

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