Fjällräven Abisko Lite 1 Tent Review 2016/06/05

Here we will review the Fjällräven Abisko Lite 1. I had the privilege to use on a recent camping trip to North Scotland. Fjällräven has recently revamped its product line, including some of their tents. Let's see if the one person Abisko Lite 1 is any good in this full review and field test.


The Fjällräven Abisko Lite 1 looks an awfully lot like a certain Hilleberg tent.

It looks like that VERY popular one person hiking tent. Indeed it shares many of its design features with the Hilleberg Akto. The main differences are the choice of fabrics and with the pole layout and also with the use of more environmentally friendly coatings due to the tent not using fluorocarbons.


he weight is 1.65kg (add 230g for the footprint). This is pretty much the same as the Akto. This is not a heavy weight for a tent that offers a lot to the end user but the materials that are used in the Fjällräven Abisko Lite 1 are slightly lighter than in the Akto. See the following graph…

Akto Abisko Lite 1
Outer 30D Nylon 20D TripleRip Sil
Inner 30D Nylon 15D Rip Stop
Groundsheet 70D Nylon 40D TripleRip Sil

I will presume the extra weight is made up by using the stronger Aluminium poles at each end of the tent. Instead of the fiberglass ones that are found on the Akto. Aluminium poles have a better strength to weight ratio than fibreglass and I like how they are separate from the tent to allow for quick repairs. The end poles in the Akto can also be repaired but they are slightly harder to get at compared to to the Abisko Lite 1 poles.


Due to the lighter weight of all materials used in the Abisko Lite 1 the pack size is substantially smaller than that of the Akto. Consequently head room is increased in the Abisko Lite 1 which is a great feature! First time pitching the Abisko Lite 1 you are confronted with a mass of guylines. Sadly unlike the Akto’s method of using loops of guylines instead of individual ones the Abisko Lite 1 can turn into an admin mess. This can be avoided by yanking the guy lines after each use to keep them ordered. To clarify I would have liked to have seen loops as it just makes it easier out in the field.

Much like the Akto you should pitch the tent first. Once up you can then walk around a second time to perfect the pitch. This is especially true in bad weather.

Inside the Abisko Lite 1 there is plenty of room and the all important head space was greatly appreciated. You gain a whole 10cm over the Akto! I like how you can access the vents from inside the tent too. The issue with the Akto is that it takes up a great deal of room in your pack. One the other hand the Abisko Lite 1 is a lot more packable.


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