Rab Mountain Dru Review 2011/11/06


My last hard shell was a climbing jacket but its cut was not appropriate for trekking or hill walking and as it was so short and my fleece always got wet where the jacket didn’t cover it. Its design was not right for what I wanted from it. Luckily for this trip I had a brand new eVent Rab Mountain Dru in my pack with me.

Up on the moors and it wasn’t long before the fog really started to close in and with it a light mist in the air which soon overwhelmed the soft shell I was wearing. I stopped and opened my rucksack and out came my new jacket.

eVent is breathable just make sure you wash it often. If the fabric denatures due to lack of washing it is not covered in the warranty!


When you put the jacket on you immediately notice its tough feel, which I found reassuring in the inclement weather. The jacket has some really nice details which makes it a piece to look out for in the shops and on the top of that list is its amazing freedom of movement. It achieves this by having one piece of fabric that runs under the arm length ways, sometimes called a gusseted arm. A simple solution but it does the job better than other jackets out there. Moreover as there is less stitching under the arms it also means less tape to seal the seams is needed which results in a more breathable jacket in a key area.

Next in line is its great hood which is very well designed. Above all a good wired peak and ample compression points allow you to get it fitting your head well. Once everything is tightened up the hood moves with your head in every direction. The toggles used to compress the hood are easy to lock; something I have found with other brands is that they don’t lock at all, or poorly. The ones on the Rab Mountain Dru do an excellent job. The overall design of the Rab Mountain Dru uses some well thought of features. They all come together to make a great jacket. Another major part is the fabric which is tough where you need it. For instance over the shoulders, under the arms, top of the hood and around the waist all have a heavier weight face fabric.


There are three pockets on the front which are placed high enough so you can use the jacket with a rucksack or harness. On the inside there is one mesh pocket. The pocket zips are sealed against rain and the main zip has a storm flap on both the outside and inside.  There are no vents or pit zips so to get fresh air passing into the jacket you have to open the main zip. Talking more about the pockets there are tiny drainage holes that empty to the outside of the jacket. I have had that happen on another jacket when my ice covered gloves were warming up in the pockets the water simply collected at the bottom. As with a knife sheath a drainage hole is widely seen in products, it’s not something I am used to on jackets but it’s an amazingly subtle feature and works well.

The hood on the Rab Mountain Dru is one of its stand out features. It really does a good job of keeping your head dry.


The Rab Mountain Dru has a great design. It uses a top of the line laminate so you get top performance. The colour Evergreen is best for bushcraft as it blends in well. This is now the jacket that is in my pack for my trips. Highly recommended as it has a good feel to it, it’s nice and tough and it leaves you feeling confident when wearing it.

Cleaning and proofing

Wash with mild detergent first, then Tech Wash then Tx Direct Wash in. Then lightly warm iron through a damp cloth to re activate the DWR.


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