Páramo Enduro Tour Trouser Review 2018/07/16

The Páramo Enduro Tour Trousers are a walking and climbing pant with many great features. This review is based on use during a snowshoe expedition in Finnish Lapland where they were worn pretty much all the time over the duration of the trip. During the expedition my Enduro Tour had to endure extremes of -19Cº, heavy snow fall as well as coping with working really hard snowshoeing. The overall performance and fit of the Enduro proved to be a great companion, so let us explore some of the features and design.


The Páramo Enduro Tour is not an insulated pant. However in conjunction with merino wool leggings (200 gsm in weight) it was warm enough when active. The wool base layer naturally wicks moisture away from your skin and then the Páramo technology takes that sweat to the outside. Páramo uses a mechanical system that removes sweat vapour. This is different to membrane systems, such as gore tex that use a diffusion gradient. The result is Páramo can work during a wider range of climatic conditions and perform accordingly. During long uphill sections I was always dry and comfortable in the Enduro Tour. If I was static in very cold freezing conditions I had at my disposal a British Army Softie Pant which I could put over the Enduro when it got really cold.


The Enduro Tour has kick step protection made of Dyneema and an internal gaiter which can be zipped off. The first protects you from sharp edges, such as crampon teeth and the gaiter protects you from snow ingress as well as rain or dew on vegetation.


The stretch panels on the Páramo Enduro Tour allow you to walk unhindered, especially when moving over steep ground. You can wear the Enduro Tour with a set of braces which further adds to the great fit. This is great news for when you wear a rucksack. You don’t get the belt digging into you when you have your hip belt tightened. There is a very subtle fabric waist adjuster strap that can be used to reduce any excess material around the waist but I would really recommend the braces as they work so well. All round movement is helped with the knees being articulated and the addition of a diamond gusset on the Enduro Tour.


The Páramo Enduro Tour has ¾ length vents running down each leg with a zip and button fastening. Páramo waterproof technology is mechanical so it doesn't affect breathability when you open vents on these pants. This is in stark contrast to membrane technology which can only cope with water vapour and requires high pressure microclimates to breath.

The fit of the Enduro Tour is athletic with a higher back to protect the rear. It also has two hand pockets with a strong zip to access them. The fly has two zips, which is a nice touch especially if you are wearing a harness.
Average weight of the trouser is 680g.

I would suggest going to one of Paramo’s stores to try them on before ordering as the sizing needs to be spot on. The Enduro Tour will work best with the matching Enduro Jacket, Páramo braces and a good wicking base layer system. Recommended. More Information HERE.


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