Jack Wolfskin Rock Me Jacket 2014/06/25

Soft shells are great versatile layers to have in your arsenal. This summer weight soft shell jacket by Jack Wolfskin offers the user a wide range of solutions to weather’s problems. Particularly suited for high energy hikes, commutes and acting as a super breathable mid layer. This review is on the Jack Wolfskin Rock Me Jacket. It is a casual piece and nothing else!


The Jack Wolfskin Rock Me Jacket has a number of features that help the user out, one of them, above all others stood out; the breathability of this soft shell is excellent. On demanding hikes, or commutes, the Jack Wolfskin Rock Me Jacket performs so well at temperature regulation, which keeps you from overheating. It is very pleasant to wear in hot sticky trains where some windproof or thicker soft shells would be way too hot. The face fabric has a dense weave on the outside, this helps block some of the wind and an applied DWR helps keep the water off too. These can easily be reapplied with Grangers or NikWax products as it’s more than likely this jacket will be worn frequently around town, it is going to be washed more often than your other technical gear.

The fabric on Jack Wolfskin Rock Me is also very stretchy. With 8% elastane providing you with amazing freedom of movement. Perfect for moving over difficult terrain or weaving between slow commuters!


Concerning the hood on the Jack Wolfskin Rock Me Jacket, it’s not helmet compatible but for where this soft shell is designed to be worn this is a non-issue. The hood is a very neat fit, it grips your head well and being blinded looking left and right crossing roads does not happen! On the inside of the Jack Wolfskin Rock Me Jacket there are little loops in the inside fabric, this adds to against skin comfort along with helping to trap some warmth when conditions get colder.


Above all the Jack Wolfskin Rock Me is great around town garment. It keeps the elements at bay between train stops and work. With high levels of breathability you won’t feel like you are wearing an uncomfortable layer. Especially when rushing about and the black colour is pretty subtle too, so doesn’t stand out on the commute. Great hood for when you need it too. However this is not a piece meant for any length of rain or demanding conditions. The Jack Wolfskin Rock Me Jacket fails far too quickly. This is a piece for around town in sheltered locations in warmer weather only.


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