Hestra Merino Wool Liner Review 2017/08/10

I find a pair of liners so useful in the backcountry, especially ones made of merino wool. Having a thin layer between you and the weather makes all the difference, and these ones made by Hestra are one of my favourites. This is a full review and field test on the Hestra Merino Wool Liner.


There is not much to talk about with liners as they are pretty simple as outdoor products go but what makes the distinction between good liners and poor ones is the finish, fit and choice of material. The Hestra Merino Wool Liner uses 100% wool to take advantage of this amazing natural material and its superb properties. It seems fitting to be on a wind swept mountain and using wool to protect yourself just like the sheep themselves.

Merino Wool Fibre

Merino Wool absorbs more than its weight in water so it feels dry to the touch even when holding some moisture. It does this by storing the moisture on the inside of the merino fibre. Naturally UV protective the merino wool protects the user from harmful sun rays. Consequently the back of the hand normally getting some of the worst roasting. Therefore it's nice to know that the liners help with this too. The fit of the liners is spot on. Above all make sure you get the right size as if its too loose then you wont get the grip you seek. The finish is excellent with the seams at the finger tips sitting just above the finger pad so it doesn't interfere with your feel. On the wrist you will find a tab which helps pulling the gloves on as well as allowing you to clip them to a carabiner to carry on your belt or pack. I also like the wrist section as itself grips your wrist well and keeps wind out. As liners they are not suited for heavy work. However thats when you put an outer glove on top of the liner to protect it when working with harder tasks. I really enjoy wearing my pair of Hestra Merino Wool Liner.

Product Care

Wash at 30° Air dry


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