Hestra Lars Fält Guide Gloves Review 2016/04/18

A good pair of outdoor gloves can make all the difference to a trip or a day out in the woods. Having some key features in their design helps if you are looking for protection, warmth or both out in the field. Here is our full review of the Hestra Lars Fält Guide Gloves.


The Hestra Lars Fält Guide Gloves are made entirely out of leather with a removable wool liner. Lars Fält a Swedish survival expert was involved in the design process of these gloves.

On first inspection it's amazing how lovely and comfortable the gloves are. In other words the wool liners feel great against your hands with the terrycloth offering a more sensitive connection with what your grabbing and the wool pile on top of the hand helping trap more heat and keep warmth in.


Two patches of velcro hold the the liners in place. These are found around the interior of the wrist section. This connects with the leather of the outer glove. The wrist sections are slightly longer and offer more coverage in the cold. The advantage of having a removable liner is that it can easily be separated from the outer and dried or washed. The outer itself is made of goatskin leather on the palm and with cowhide elsewhere. The interesting design aspect is that the seams are all on the exterior of the glove. This means your fingers can connect with what you are holding more intuitively.


Real world use up in Northern Sweden in well below freezing temperatures the gloves performed exceptionally well. Firstly the carabiner eyelet which allows easy storage on a belt. Secondly the warmth that allowed me to complete both fine tasks such as feather sticking to standing around in -18°.

Looking after equipment easily is a positive for me. Consequently that works without fancy gimmicks in real world situations.


Above all for those of you looking for a good pair of woodland bushcraft gloves. Look no further than the Fält Guide Gloves. If you are an experienced bushcrafter and are starting to make your first trips to the North to practice winter bushcraft then these gloves are an essential piece of kit.


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