Fjällräven Vidda Trousers Review 2013/02/23

I recall the feeling fighting against heavy, stiff and poorly designed hiking trousers. With a good proper look at the range available these days I decided to review the Fjällräven Vidda Trousers. Let's check them out.


Most of my time is spent in woodland, upland and the backcountry. Consequently having appropriate clothing is always in the forefront of my mind. It is critical to have gear that can be relied on, from storing a lens cap, having freedom of movement to being water resistant. A good pair of trousers needs to do a lot. The Fjällräven Vidda Trousers have been worn in wind, snow, rain and heat. Above all they are an all year round option to wear.


The fit is relaxed with a high waist but they don’t feel baggy when on. The articulated knees and seat create great freedom of movement. These work well for when you are hiking or simply knelt down producing feather sticks. In short the fit allows Fjällräven Vidda Trousers to move with you seamlessly. The toughened knee patches really help for bushcraft or photography. When you inevitably spend time in damp conditions or uneven terrain knelt down composing a shot or setting up your shelter. The Fjällräven Vidda Trousers have plenty of pockets, 7 in total. Ranging from an internal security pocket, one large enough to fit a map and an axe pocket. The range of storage is great and I use them all apart from the axe one. For storing cutting tools I rely on a belt instead. The belt loops on the Fjällräven Vidda are good and strong. When you are carrying a bushcraft knife, axe clipped onto your belt and say another pouch like the Maxpedition M-5, it is all held on securely.

G-1000 Fabric

One of the main draws to the Fjällräven line of products is their G-1000 material. A poly cotton which can be waxed to adapt its water and wind resistance as well as protecting the garment from wear and tear. Before a trip I will take a little time to wax my trousers. Firstly in just the high wear areas such as the knees, or all-over. If I know the weather is going to be particularly bad the extra covering of wax will serve me well. The resulting treatment makes the water bead off and helps cut the wind a little more. Waxing also lubricates the fibres and so will assist in prolonging the life of the garment. I find it rather relaxing waxing the gear before a trip, it allows for the mind to wander over the imminent adventure to come. The ankles have an elasticated adjustment to help keep out snow and dirt and allows you to leave the gators at home. A true all year round trouser. Highly recommended


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