Arc'teryx Theta SV Review 2013/02/12

Completely unaware wearing it but totally reassured and confident with it on. This is the mark of a great waterproof. One that goes unnoticed but provides all the protection you need. This review will be on a top of the line premium waterproof the Arc'teryx  Theta SV. Let's check it out with a full review. 


The Arc'teryx Theta SV Pro Shell Jacket is a thigh length, high-end waterproof. Featuring a super tough face fabric and aggressive hood design. It has a relaxed winter fit designed to accommodate layers beneath in all seasons. I normally wear my Arc'teryx Theta SV Jacket with an Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody beneath, the two work so well together. Having a hard shell is essential when out and about. It separates you from the elements which will protect you from the chilling effect of getting cold and wet. There are waterproof jackets that will keep you dry in most situations and these are not hard to find on the market. What is much harder to find are jackets that impart a sense of confidence to the wearer in the harshest of conditions. The Arc'teryx Theta SV is one such jacket.


Firstly, the face fabric. One of the toughest for Gore Pro Shell you can find and as a result is not designed for super fast and light pursuits as its heavier than regular Gore Pro shells. For a bushcraft hiker and photographer this is perfect. I always appreciate more durability. Moreover there is nothing wrong with carrying slightly more to be able to face the worst when the weather changes. The fabric also holds a DWR well through consecutive days of rain. This is the first jacket to keep beading water throughout an entire multi day hike. The face fabric appears to be really durable and has held up excellently to the abuse I have taken the jacket through. For example putting packs on, brushing through forest, being packed into a stuff bag and lots of general use. The Arc'teryx Theta SV jacket has become my benchmark for waterproof face fabrics.


The length is absolutely spot on with the thigh high cut covering the rear without getting in the way of moving uphill or walking quickly. The hem and waist adjustment allows for a really snug fit and prevents the extra material getting in the way when putting on a rucksack or just moving about if you are wearing it without a lot of layers underneath in warmer months. The hood is amazing at keeping the rain, wind and snow out of your face and feels so solid when its being worn. Its helmet compatible hood has four adjustments. Two on the front and another two at the back. They all work together to make the hood grip your head and shut out the elements. This is one of the Arc'teryx Theta SV 's stand out features for me.


Attention to detail is everywhere on the Arc'teryx Theta SV. For instance a small patch of soft fabric covering the nape of the neck. This acts to prevent your oils and sweat from hurting the internal lining in this high wear area which otherwise would just sit against the back of your neck and get damaged. Using a camera or phone out in the cold conditions? The jacket has a large internal mesh pocket that is perfect for storing batteries and sensitive electronics. My Canon batteries fit perfectly as does a hip flask. Arc'teryx have created a sublime waterproof here. The sticking point is the price, which is outrageous. The Arc'teryx Theta SV is built to last but only if you look after it too. So wash it in a special liquid designed for Gore Tex as well re proofing now and again with a dedicated reproofer which should also be designed for Gore Tex. Highly recommended


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