TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife Review 2013/12/11

As more and more people get involved in the field of bushcraft it has a positive effect on increasing the range of tools and equipment available to all of us. There are so many exciting new items on the market and the TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife is just one of the latest knives to be put on sale.


The TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife is an exceptionally well-priced full tang, scandi grind bushcraft knife that gives a lot of performance and bang for the buck.


Starting with the TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife's  sheath design, which is actually rather different to many bushcraft knives on the market today. The sheath enables you to carry both vertically and horizontally, this is really useful for getting in and out vehicles and in particular my experience of canoeing with the Boar on my belt, it doesn’t dig into your leg when carried horizontally. For us at Ember Survival running bushcraft courses that have a mixture of land and water based sections this type of sheath really comes in handy as I don’t have to constantly reposition it or take it off.


The handle on the TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife is actually rather good. Most knife of this price bracket suffer from really thin scales, which after prolonged use can fatigue the hand. The Boar's scales are much thicker. The blade is slightly longer than my other bushcraft knives, which makes it better for battoning but you do lose a little bit of control in strong cuts. It’s 4mm thick so super strong and that deep Scandi grind just glides through natural fibres that we find in the bushcraft world so often. It’s made of a steel I have never heard of before, K720, it’s a high carbon steel and as a result holds an edge well and it’s strong. The TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife does come in a stainless option but I would always suggest the carbon version.


As with many of these super price orientated knives on the market the handle normally is a bit dry out of the box. The Boar Bushcraft knife needed some linseed oil to help hydrate the scales, which are made of Curly Birch on the model I am using.  I also rubbed some bees wax into the scales; this made them feel like ones on my £200+ bushcraft knives. The ergonomics of the handle are very usable, way better than other knives in this price bracket, there is not much of a palm swell but the handle is large enough to get around this, so if you have big hands then the Boar Bushcraft will work perfectly well. Some of the other knives I have tested in this price point seem to suffer from very thin scales; the Boar Bushcraft knife has a much better handle and as a result can be used for extended periods comfortably.  The handle can be used in the chest lever grip with great success and indeed in the forehand grip too.

Conclusion on the TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife

My version came with a firesteel and a modified clip to hold it. I like keeping the firesteel on my sheath and the Boar Bushcraft knife creates a good shower of sparks when using it to strike the firesteel. Carrying a means to light a fire around with you is made easy with this setup. From an instructor's point of view its super convenient when teaching, to quickly be able to create your own shower of sparks without the need to go hunting for equipment. Performance of the TBS Boar is excellent and for the price is more than you would expect. Out in the field and around camp its Scandi grind bites into natural materials well. Slicing through nettle stems easily for example. The handle design really shines on the TBS Boar. Consequently it can be used throughout the day in comfort. The TBS Boar Bushcraft Knife is an absolute bargain for the price, go and get one! Just make sure to nourish those scales before you go out and start using it. You will have a knife that is more than adequate to be your intermediate and advanced knife. The finishing is excellent and will be something that will be by your side for years to come. Highly Recommended


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