SpyderCo Bushcraft G10 Handle Review 2012/08/11

The SpyderCo Bushcraft G10 above all else is a premium bushcraft knife with a price tag to match.  I have been using it for almost a year now, slowly choosing it more and more for my main knife instead of alternatives. Having been designed in collaboration with several so called experts the SpyderCo Bushcraft G10 should be one amazing outdoor tool, let's see if that turns out to be true.


At home in the forest the SpyderCo Bushcraft G10 stands tall among the trees. The woodland environment is one meant for this knife. For example its Scandinavian grind works best for separating natural fibres such as wood! This is of course the substance you will be working with when in the forest. Sadly the positives start to become thin on the ground as we examine the rest of the knife.

Spyderco G10 Bushcrafter


The SpyderCo Bushcraft G10 has a well shaped handle made of G-10. Most importantly we know from our own experience the shape and comfort offered by the handle is vital for a knife's success. The subtle ergonomics of the handle fit perfectly in the fore hand, back hand and chest lever grips. The SpyderCo Bushcraft G10 excels in the handle department with certainly no hot spots or rough edges; it’s a real winner. G-10 is an epoxy filled glass fibre that not only looks stunning but is lightweight and super strong. The finishing is absolutely perfect, with the bolts, lanyard hole and scales fitting in exact alignment. The knife is excellent at meat preparation as the G-10 handle does not soak up any blood or hold debris. On the other hand the smoothness of the finishing is not ideal and I find the handle gets slippery.


The SpyderCo Bushcraft G10's poorly designed and featureless sheath is shockingly bad. In black leather it certainly does draw the eye and it is well put together with strong rivets, however these points are useless if it cannot perform the simplest of tasks such as store the knife securely. It also doesn't hold a firesteel or even allow for smooth exit and entry of the blade itself. The inclusion of a plastic welt on the inside of the sheath gets caught each time you try to place the knife into the sheath. I would have preferred a good full length leather welt which not only protects the sheath but helps in securing the knife. Moreover the absence of a firesteel holder is disappointing for me. Firelighting is an integral part to bushcraft and I thought the knife was designed for a bushcraft audience? I have a custom sheath on order to suit my individual needs but really a premium knife should not need a custom sheath right out the box to make it usable. The trademark SpyderCo hole is present and yes it fills up with gunk!

Save your money and avoid this knife. Not recommended.

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