Helle GT Review 2010/10/02

The Helle GT is a larger hunting style knife with a stunning handle and sheath. It also comes with a handy finger guard. Let's see what it's like out in the woods.


One of the most important features of any knife is its handle. The Helle GT does not disappoint and it’s a pleasure to hold the 4.5 inches of Curly Birch that make up the handle. It’s smooth and fits the hand perfectly. The guard comes out just enough to protect your finger but not too far as to get in the way. You can see the tapered (rat tail) tang poking out from the butt of the knife. I would have preferred a full tang and surly for the size of the blade Helle have used here it would have made more sense. A tapered tang is still not a bad thing when in the right hands and Helle know how to make excellent knives. However if you are going to be splitting wood for the fire or shelter building then you should look for a full tang knife.


The blade is slightly longer than the average bushcraft knife and at 5 inches it’s no subtle knife. However this extra length will allow you to split wood, and construct things slightly easier than shorter alternatives. It’s made of Helle’s Triple Laminated Stainless Steel, no complaints here either, very corrosion resistant and holds a fine edge.

A reservation about the Helle GT is its balance in the hand. Even though the knife is wonderful to actually grasp in the hand as soon as you relax your grip the blade becomes very top heavy. It then tends to want to fall out of your hand! This naturally happens with most knives, my Fjellbekk certainly does the same.  With the Helle GT the problem is worse as the blade is longer and the tang not thick enough to balance it. This really makes me worried about using the knife.

Its price point is very fair for what you get and if you wanted to spend more then look for a full tang knife with a similar blade design. I do not recommend this knife.


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