Helle Fjellbekk Knife Review 2010/08/26

The Helle Fjellbekk is a well constructed knife. It has a scandinavian grind which is good for bushcraft tasks, and is easy to sharpen. The Scandi grind (as it’s sometimes shortened to) has a wide bevel with one change of angle and flat sides. I like knives with one change of angle in the Scandi style.

I use the Helle Fjellbekk for most of my bushcraft work, the blade is not too long so it’s easy to control and you can put a lot of controlled work through the blade. This basically makes cutting or carving easier and safer. However this knife does not have a full tang.

The handle  of the Helle Fjellbekk is lovely to have in the hand. Very balanced.
Sharpening, I use three Japanese Water Stones (of different grits, more about my stones in another post on sharpening) and I can get a very good edge with the Helle Fjellbekk.

I made a slight modification to the sheath, basically sticking two little bits of plastic just at the entrance to the sheath so the knife would not cut it upon entry or exit from the sheath. This was and is my only problem with the sheath.


This is a great knife to own, it can perform many tasks and is not too expensive. Once you have made that modification to the sheath (or perhaps Helle insert a plastic protector nowadays?) then it’s close to a perfect package. The handle and balance is right there and spot on. This is the knife I take on 99% of my trips, unless I'm hunting then it’s all I need. The Helle Fjellbekk is not up to handle the strong tasks of batoning or making really deep cuts into thick wood, but for basic bushcraft use its ok, just!


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