Helle Eggen Bushcraft Knife Review 2015/11/20

Helle, a Norwegian company that is synonymous with quality and attention to detail. Two important factors when considering it’s a mass-produced knife brand. I have reviewed Helle knives in the past and found them a pleasure to use both practically and aesthetically. With a catalogue of products so huge as theirs it’s always important to choose a knife that is suited to your needs. This review is on the Helle Eggen.


The Helle Eggen is a 4-inch bushcraft and woodland knife with a stunning Curly birch handle, rat-tail tang as well as a natural leather sheath.


Starting with the leather sheath which has a carry loop and plastic tube inserted inside to protect the leather from the sharp knife-edge. A good touch that helps improve the durability of the Helle Eggen's sheath, especially when used on expedition and over a long period of time as you reduce the risk of cutting the leather. The stitching on the leather is strong and on the Helle Eggen I am using it has already held up well to years of use. The sheath shows sign of wear and tear in the form of light scuffs. This is from actual use and in my opinion improves the look of it but of course if you buy it new you wont have these! This is all the more reason to go out and use the Helle Eggen in the woods! The handle, made from Curly birch is not only attractive with its subtle speckled pattern but also practical as it’s a strong wood that holds up well to everyday use. The wood can be looked after easily with boiled linseed oil and rubbing bee’s wax into it occasionally.


In the fore hand grip it's comfortable as the handle has a good-sized palm swell. Consequently you do not have to grip the knife so hard when working with it and allows the user to use the knife for longer without fatigue developing in the hand. However in the chest lever grip you have to drop your hand slightly to avoid the finger guard digging into your index finger which is a slight annoyance but if you don’t use this grip often its not a problem. If you are like me and this is your favourite way to accomplish tasks in the woods then you may find it digs in especially with big hands. With smaller hands this is not a problem. The blade itself uses Helle triple laminated process of stainless steel. This means you cannot strike fire steel with the spine. The grind is a typical Scandinavian style with a deep bevel. Makes sharpening very easy as well as when in cutting natural fibres helps separate the material which makes cutting easier. The Helle Eggen has a drop point and a very pronounced belly that make it very useful for game preparation.


The rat-tail tang in the Helle Eggen is perfectly durable for small bushcraft tasks. It is not as durable as a full tang knife however. The lack of weight in the handle affects the balance of the knife. Above all it doesn’t fall out of your hand when you open your grip. This is due to the blade being a good size in comparison to the handle. Unlike some of the other Helle knives I have used which have very large blades and small handles. These want to fall out of your hand as soon as you open your grip. The Helle Eggen is a very good knife and for the price you get a lot of bang for the buck with natural aesthetics and enough strength to put it to good use in bushcraft, woodland skills and hunting.


I prefer a heavier knife with a full tang. There is market for people who don’t and the Helle Eggen is perfect for bushcraft enthusiasts who are after a lighter knife. One that can still accompany them on trips and help them in all aspects of woodland use. The stainless steal also lends itself to a mixed use potentially away from home for long periods. Without the need of blade maintenance as well as for people not wanting to invest the time in keeping the blade oiled.


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