Gerber GDC Zip Blade Review 2014/01/07

How many times do we need access to a sharp edge during our day around town or in the office? The Gerber GDC Zip Blade is a tiny knife which can be attached to a zipper on a jacket or rucksack and is right there when you need it.


It’s great for opening boxes, packaging and similar tasks. It’s just a little tiny blade so don’t expect to build a shelter with it!


The Gerber GDC Zip Blade has a small but tough blade which is held open by a solid liner lock, so it’s good for making strong cuts. Nothing too fancy with the cutting edge it’s a full flat ground bevel. The whole construction is metal and feels very strong in the hand with your index finger able to rest on the spine easily.

I found an issue with the quick release buckle feeling a bit flimsy, which lets the rest of the knife down as it may be easy to fall off. The lanyard can be replaced with something stronger, it’s something to keep in mind however. The Gerber GDC Zip Blade would make a great key chain knife.


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