Gerber EVO Tanto Review 2014/01/19

I have done a fair bit of travelling with a little penknife and they are great for the versatility offered, but the blades are very thin and as a result limit the amount of strong work one can do with them. The Gerber EVO Tanto is a lightweight every day carry (EDC) knife which features a more robust blade with serrations and a tanto tip.


Having the Gerber EVO Tanto to hand does make light work of the most common problems you need to solve with a knife. The serrations help you cut through packing straps and cord for example, the tanto tip helps for piercing packaging and for detailed light cuts and the handle itself feels comfy in the hand. Those holes in the handle help save on weight so it doesn't feel you are carrying a lead weight all day.


The steel is 7Cr17MoV, which is a little soft so edge retention isn’t the best but it does offer you excellent corrosion resistance which is given more of a boost by the black titanium coating on the blade too. This also helps cut down how reflective the blade is, so great for some discreet work around camp, say opening food packets for dinner!

Opening the blade is effortless, very smooth action when utilising the thumb studs. There is also the option to flick the blade open using the index finger against the spine of the blade.
Great EDC (every day carry) option, the belt loop is more than adequate to secure it all day long. However as its locking you will have to have a professional requirement to have it your position. It would have been nice to see a harder steel in the EVO Tanto however.

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