Fällkniven GP Gentleman’s Pocket Knife Micarta Review 2020/02/09

Here we examine the GP from Fällkniven, a delightful pocket knife with a pleasing finish. GP is short for Gentleman’s Pocket Knife. Let us assume then that you are in the market for a new pocket knife. Something rather special and unlike anything else. A pocket knife that combines subtlety, a classic timeless design in addition to utilising modern materials to make it extremely useful. Please enjoy our Fällkniven GP review.


The GP really stands out in a crowd. A crowd that's full of serrated tactical monstrosities. Yes there are indeed uses for those other knives but what if you want to cut a ribbon at an opening ceremony? I would not feel comfortable using a serrated tanto tip to part the fine red silk ribbon, it would not look right. Whereas the GP from Fällkniven fits in to any situation with a refined, polished and sophisticated design.


Basic stats about the GP are listed below in the table.  The Fällkniven GP is a neat and tidy pocket knife that fits well into the pocket without any embarrassing protrusion! It can also cut well and with a 3mm blade stock it is not a flimsy penknife. High end laminated steel and a solid blade geometry secures a spot for the GP in a very exclusive club. Only the most refined knives can enter this league.

Steel Lam. CoS
Hardness (HRC) 60
Weight, knife only (g) 96
Blade length (mm) 78
Blade thickness (mm) 3
Total length (mm) 180
Total length, folded (mm) 100

GP Green Micarta

A subtle texture on the scales is present but this is without any tangible roughness when held or touched. Micarta is resistant to chemicals, extremes of temperature and abrasion which I why I selected this version. Other versions are available and you can select from desert ironwood, jigged bone, redwood or antler scales.

With a body of stainless steel and an easily cleaned liner lock mechanism the GP can be maintained to keep its fine looks. Easy cleaning  will please anyone doing game preparation with this pocket knife. Cleanliness of one's tool is especially important on the trail, so it is comforting knowing the GP can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned. The GP is so useful you may want to use it to help make your lunch every day therefore regular cleaning will be taking place.


The GP has a powerful blend of elements in its construction. Laminated with a low-carbon-containing chromium alloy steel known as 420J2, which resists abrasion and corrosion. Forming the edge is a cobalt-Special steel which is a more exotic. Through my own personal use I find the edge holds well even when processing cardboard all day. I have sharpened once and strop now and again and the GP keeps on cutting with a bite. I sharpened mine with a Tri-Angle Sharpmaker and have been very satisfied with the GP's edge.

In Use

Undeniably the Fällkniven GP is extremely pleasant in the hand but also to the eye and ear. Surprisingly even the locking sound is gentle and reassuring whereas the vision can feast upon that vintage style. All these add together to produce an extremely well finished tool. A 3mm blade thickness coupled with a multifunctional blade shape make for a great all rounder too. An ideal shape for a pocket knife blade to be.

The GP is somewhat challenging to open one handed however in keeping with a gentleman's image opening with two hands just feels right. Less intimidating and more professional, significantly aided by the thumb groove that lets you get the blade out with no effort at all. The GP is not a carving or wood processing knife, the handle is on the slim side and will result in cramped hands if using for prolonged periods of time to produce feather sticks for example. The GP is not designed to do this so it is not an issue for me. If you are venturing out into the woods wanting to make fire then take a sheath knife alongside the GP.

In Use - Liner Lock

The liner lock is solid and has a robustness to it. The user is reminded of such good build quality each time it’s locked. Both the sound and the wiggle free connection that is achieved when locked are each spot on.


Overall blade shape is drop point with a useful belly section. Very thick stock is used and at 3mm it is certainly beefy whilst still being delicate enough to give you good feel of what your working on. Essentially a multi purpose blade which can tackle drilling, cutting, opening and slicing. It is not a master at any of these tasks but performs them all with a more than satisfactory result. A true gentleman is of course an all rounder, able to cope with any task thrown at them. There is one activity where the GP does excel and that is game preparation. The substantial drop point and thick stock make the blade feel at home when being held directly and you get a good 'feel' to what you are preparing. This makes the GP incredibly precise.


Above all the GP feels great, looks great and consequently generates a positive fan fair around itself every time you get it out to use. People cannot help but admire it both with their eyes and with words of affection which are often bordering on jealousy. For anyone who appreciates fine knives the GP should be part of your collection. Anyone who is looking for a functional yet stylish edc pocket knife should look no further than the GP. It works very well at accomplishing tasks both at work and in the outdoors.

Nothing really prepares you for holding the GP, it just feels so good in the hand each time you use it. Over the course of a year I have used the GP most days. In the last few months I have been using it more often and have really fallen in love with this pocket knife. Part of me must admit that one of the reasons I enjoy using the GP so much is the positive attention it garners with every reveal. It gets people talking and excited about such a wonderfully created tool. Passing it over to let friends have a closer look, an action met with warm exclamations such as “oooooh this is nice” and “oh it has a lovely weight to it” and “now that is a pocketknife”. The GP is certainly a crowd pleaser however it still stands alone with its dignified appearance.

I would recommend the Fällkniven GP to anyone looking for an strong edc knife that will seamlessly fit in with a professional lifestyle. This is certainly a knife built on performance but with the looks to match. A truly rare occurrence. Highly recommended More information HERE


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