Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Fine Edge Review 2012/03/13

It’s the one you have seen on TV! Featured in some of the most demanding wilderness areas and being pushed to its limits. Being handed out to willing celebrities on The Island and wielded by Bear Grylls himself. But would I take the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Fine Edge with me?


There will be a lot of overlap between this article and the one for the serrated version, so please have a read of that if you are interested. Serrated version review can be found ADD LINK!!!! The Bear Grylls range has now spread to clothing as well as knives and outdoor tools in recent years. Certainly everyone wants their own line of gear I guess.

The fine edge on the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife allows for greater control in detailed cutting tasks when compared to the hideous serrated version. The area where you can exert most strength is closest to the handle. Therefore with the fine edge extending to this point you can benefit from additional control and power. For example producing feather sticks is much easier than using serrations.


Sharpening in the field also will get a lot easier with the fine edge version as you can use the supplied sharpening stone in the sheath to sharpen the whole edge and not have to take a separate tapered file along to get the serrations sharp.

If you have your heart set on a Bear Grylls knife then the fine edge has my recommendation if you want to use it for more bushcraft type tasks. If you want a ‘survival’ knife then consider the serrated version as it will let you cut cord and rope easier than the fine edge. However the serrations are closest to the handle making feather sticks can be very tricky. I consider being able to produce your own tinder an essential survival skill and so would never use serrations on my main knife.


Firstly out of the box the knife could do with a little sharpening. Secondly the handle is very uncomfortable in anything but the forehand grip. The supplied firesteel is a joke and easily broken. Save your money and avoid!


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