Thermarest Slacker Hammock Pad Review 2018/04/16

There is an art to sleeping in a hammock with several factors having to be spot on to make it a comfortable night: the height and angle of the tree attachment straps, roll mat and under quilt all playing their part. The angle we lie in the hammock is also critical to being cosy, we do not want to be in a banana shape all night! This is a full review and field test of the Thermarest Slacker Hammock Pad.


A recent addition to my set up is the Thermarest Slacker Hammock Pad. It’s a unique roll mat designed for hammock camping with features that really improve the experience. The Slacker Hammock Pad is a self inflating foam filled roll mat with a wide middle section and longitudinal baffles: both allow the mat to curve to the contours of the hammock. It’s these features that allow the Slacker Pad to work so well with a hammock setup. Standard roll mats are designed to lay flat and so when these are used in a hammock they don't work, as the they can’t match the shape of the hammock resulting in a battle to get comfortable. The Slacker Pad fits the curved shape of a hammock which means it doesn't shift around. The wider middle section giving you freedom of movement and even allows for some side sleeping.


At 3.8cm in thickness the Slacker Pad is very comfortable. With an R value of 2.1 it is warm enough for colder nights. If used with an under quilt, such as the Thermarest Super Snuggler you could sleep out in very cold conditions and be comfortable in this setup. Read our full review of the Thermarest Snuggler HERE (coming soon). The stuff bag that is supplied can be doubled as a pillow or knee rest when a suitable piece of clothing is stuffed inside. The stuff bag has straps to help keep it in place on the pad. When used under the knees it takes some of the pressure off when sleeping.


My only concern is that it’s on the large size when packed in its stuff bag. Consequently it does take up a lot of space in one’s rucksack. I think this pad would make a great addition to a canoe trip or car camping when pack size is not so much of a concern and when you want maximum comfort in your hammock. A handy trick to packing it away again in the mornings is to roll the air out once and then let it unravel again and re roll it. This time we are not fighting against the air pressure and we can achieve a smaller pack size.


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