SpyderCo Tri-Angle Sharpmaker KnifeSharpener Review & Field Test 2014/11/16

As a bushcraft instructor it is essential to keep my knives sharp for each new session or expedition I am involved with. It is therefore important to find both a knife that is easy to sharpen but also a sharpening solution that is effortless to use. This review will focus on the SpyderCo Tri-Angle Sharpmaker. At first glance a complicated sharpener but in practice it is one of the best.


The SpyderCo Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is my sharpener of choice for full flat ground, plain edge knives and even fish hooks. I use the SpyderCo Tri-Angle Sharpmaker on my Esee RC6, SpyderCo UKPK, ESEE Izula and many others. It puts a super sharp edge on these that is also durable.

The main point about the SpyderCo Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is that it allows the user to get consistent sharpening strokes that produce a lovely smooth bevel with a sharp edge. By simply running the knife straight down the stones the user easily gets a reliable angle and on the Sharpmaker this is 30° 40°


The stones are set at a fixed angle and there is one for each side of the bevel. The sharpening action is very easy and means you are more likely to use it. Unlike bench stones that require great concentration and high skill levels the SpyderCo Tri-Angle Sharpmaker helps you out to get the job done.

Included in the Box

Included are two sets of high alumina ceramic stones. One medium which removes metal quickly that allows you to set your new bevel angle. The other stones are much finer to put a professional edge on your knife. As the stones are shaped in a triangle the point removes the most metal whereas the flat section acts as a more precise surface and starts to perfect the bevel and edge. The corners can also do serrated knives and there is a groove running down the length of the stones for fish hooks. My technique is to use the medium corner then medium flat followed the fine corner and finishing off with fine flat. This process gets a solid razor edge which lasts. The brass safety rods must be used at all times and stop any nasty injuries. The whole SpyderCo Tri-Angle Sharpmaker packs down into a tiny package to transport easily. It is not light enough to be used on the trail however.


Once you have used the SpyderCo Tri-Angle Sharpmaker to sharpen your knife around 10 times. You should switch the stones to the back bevel setting. This allows the user to stop his or her knife from becoming too short in the bevel and gives another 10 sharpening cycles before this has to be done again. This is a fantastic sharpener and I am very happy with it. Highly Recommended


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