Silva Ninox Headtorch Review 2011/07/25

The Silva Ninox Headtorch is small and can easily be fitted into a pocket, it also has its own storage pouch built into the head strap and can all be stuffed away neatly and securely within it.  The head band is thick enough to not dig into your head plus strong enough to feel secure (it also has anti slip bands running on the inside of the head strap). I have the camouflage pattern model which is in a subtle multi green and black colour.


The Silva Ninox Headtorch has a main LED with two smaller ones either side which point slightly downwards. The result is that they all work together to completely illuminate your field of vision which is amazing! Walking with this at night is such a pleasure as your path is easy to see in front of you as the clever layout of LED’s puts light in your peripheral vision too. This is unlike many others on the market which tend to give you a fairly narrow beam even on a flood setting whereas the Silva Ninox Headtorch gives you a really practical field of illumination and at 70 lumens it really does cut through the dark.


I really recommend this one for camp use, trail running, bushcraft and night walking as it’s got the important red light too! Cycling through the different modes is a doddle; it all depends on how long you press the button for. This makes selecting the red light simple and without danger of getting white light first. Going through the different modes of white light is straightforward too.

The housing stands up very well against rain. I was using it in a very heavy downpour on one camp and it worked flawlessly all night. It is rated IPx7, which means it has to be able to withstand immersion in 1m of water for 30 minutes without failing or showing any seepage. Long battery life, very compact and with a low weight. I thoroughly recommend this head torch.

It is not the cheapest by far but it sure packs a punch. Build quality should also see it last a long time and so I would say it is very good value.
- Sunny

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