Sigg Glass Drinking Bottle Tea Review 2016/08/11

Keeping a plastic bottle close to hand is one way to stay hydrated in the city and sometimes its great to add a little excitement to plain water too. Here we review the Sigg Glass.


Recently I have been using a completely glass and stainless steel bottle from Sigg that not only keeps water cool but tea hot. Using its double wall construction all made entirely out of glass. The advantage of this construction is that it leaves no taste against the liquid inside.

My particular favourite is half an organic lemon and a little organic unprocessed sugar left overnight in the fridge to mix with the water. Its so refreshing when you come home from work to have this waiting for you in the fridge!

The Sigg Glass is easy to clean and fill up but the rubber seal around the opening can be a little tricky to remove to clean completely but at no point did it leak so perhaps this is just an extra precaution taken by Sigg to make the seal extra strong.

It has a rubber stand to prevent breakages when you put it down on a surface along with a rubber hand grip. An item like this is of course for home and work and not for outdoor use.

Capacity is 0.4l


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