Primus Ignition Steel Review 2011/05/08

I thought firesteels were pretty much the same, I guess I was wrong. Some are great and others are totally useless. Let's find out how the Primus Ignition Steel does in this full review.


Having used a number of different firesteels I know what I am looking for in a good one. Firstly features like a good handle that doesn’t slip or is too small to grasp. Secondly a sensible length in the lanyard and lastly a striker that is able to scrape a decent amount of sparks off. On the surface the Primus Ignition Steel seems to have all these features.

With my experience the main thing that varies between brands is the striker design and chemistry of the steel itself.


The Primus Ignition Steel has got an alloy rod, handle and striker with an elasticised lanyard. Consequently this is where my issues start, the lanyard is too short to allow a good strike and resists your movement while you try to produce sparks. You can solve this by replacing the lanyard if you want. The problems continue into what is the most important. The firesteel does not produce a good shower of sparks easily when used with the supplied striker. I thought I was doing something wrong at first but having passed it around to my work colleagues and compared it with a Light My Fire one, found that the Primus was easily the worst. Only when used with a carbon based bushcraft knife does the Primus produce a good spark shower. This is still not a good sign as you would expect it to work with the supplied striker. I would recommend the Light My Fire steels, the Scout or better yet the Army version will serve you well. The Primus Ignition Steel on the other hand I found to be a poor product. Perhaps other people have different opinions but above all I know I will be sticking to other brands.


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