Pathfinder Bottle and Nesting Cup Set Review 2014/10/13

I think when you are out and about hiking you become very attached to your mug! It is normally the thing holding warm coffee in the mornings when you need it most. This is our review on the Pathfinder Bottle & Nesting Cup set.


Recently I have been using the Pathfinder Bottle and Nesting Cup for my hydration kit on bushcraft courses as well as trips. Here are a few of my observations.


The Pathfinder Bottle is made of out of food grade stainless steel which feels strong in the hand and doesn’t leave a taste in the water, it is also easily cleaned as the opening is fairly large. The volume inside is 0.9litres.

It’s the capacity where I would like to make a change however, it’s just short of a litre at 0.9l. This is not a problem when you are around camp and have a clean supply of water or are boiling water to drink but when you are using water purification methods, especially chemicals, having a litre capacity makes working out suitable doses a lot easier. The screw top is made from a high grade plastic with a silicon seal, this works well providing you make sure to screw it on all the way. I believe some water must make its way into the screw thread on the bottle too, as each time you open it water dribbles out onto you from the thread. Perfectly fine in summer, perhaps a little embarrassing however. In winter though you do not want water freezing on you. It also takes a long time to screw and unscrew the top, this is not a major complaint but in winter when hands are slower it may become an issue.

Pathfinder Nesting Cup

Really large 0.7litre capacity which is great for annoying fellow campers when you steal all the coffee! But also for multiple functions, such as washing, eating, cooking and of course drinking. In theory you could just take the mug if you wanted a super lightweight solution to the above camp activities. The Pathfinder Nesting Cup is great for cooking in too. With two holes either side of the cup allow for a hanging solution to suspend the mug above a fire and the lid fits really well with venting holes to allow steam to escape Both the bottle and nesting cup are great bits of kit, however the cup steals the show and seems a bit more thought out than the bottle which as I mentioned can be a bit temperamental at times.

Pathfinder Bottle

Great for warmer weather bushcraft camp style trips where water is close and no chemical purification methods are being used. One of the advantages of using stainless steel bottles and mugs is that there is no risk of harmful plastic toxins leaching into your water. This is especially important on longer trips. Here stainless steel really shines compared to Nalgene for example as you can use them over a longer period of time without toxin build up.


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