MSR Titan Kettle Titanium Review 2017/08/18

Titanium is a wonderful material for the trail, it’s light but strong and heat moves around within its structure well so it boils super fast, its safe to say I am a big fan. This is a full review and field test of the MSR Titan Kettle.


Above all the MSR Titan Kettle is an exceptionally well made piece of cookware. Consequently it’s the small details that separate it from the competition. The dimensions of the MSR Titan Kettle are a great balance between a solo cup and a small bowl. Important you can take a drink from it but due to its size its big enough for a solid meal too. The well fitting lid with pouring spout make it functional as a tea pot as well. The folding handles sit neatly against the body. They do not rattle and when opened the grip is large enough to be comfortable.

The volume of 850ml can accommodate a gas canister and a small folding stove. Your entire cook system takes on a minuscule footprint.

The lid fits very well and is held securely. Certainly testament to MSR's quality. Above all something that is reassuring when you are on the trail as your kit within the Titan Kettle will be kept from spilling everywhere. However if you are storing dried food inside there is a hole where it can escape through via the pouring spout. This is solved by using a bag to contain everything.


The lifting top handle has a locking feature and would appear to be slightly insulated from the heat. Titanium is great for boiling water and basic cooking. On the other hand as this material develops hot spots it is not so good at cooking anything that requires specific control over temperature. Weight 118g Capacity 850ml

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