MSR DromLite Review 2016/06/02

Carrying water in the backcountry is an essential skill to master. We all know about bottles and hydration bladders. A system I have been messing around with recently is to utilise a water carrier along side a traditional bottle to take on an extra water as and when I need to. This is a full review and field test of the MSR DromLite.


Walking past a river I stop to fill up my MSR Dromlite, the extra two litres will come in useful when I set up camp a little further onwards, crucially away from the river. Its been a warm day and snow melt higher up the valley could pose a risk and not to mention biting insects love the damp conditions normally found around water courses. This situation is common in the backcountry and where a good solid but packable water carrier comes into its own.


The MSR Dromlite uses a BPA free polyurethane laminate which as an added bonus can handle freezing temperatures. The bag itself is made from a tough 200d Cordura that is both strong and packable. The lining of the Dromlite passes on minimal taste to the water its holding and is very pleasing to drink from with no strong plastic taste! The MSR Dromlite can even be used with a shower accessory add-on or a hydration hose. It’s a truly versatile and well thought out bit of kit. The hanging point is well reinforced too.

The opening is wide mouth, includes a low profile handle and also a tiny drinking spout or even tinier mini spout for a really controlled flow of water. Its an incredible piece of kit!

Highly Recommended


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