MSR Alpine Plate Review 2017/09/13

Many camping plates on the market are plastic these tend to crack under the slightest pressure. The MSR Alpine Plate is stainless steel and is made to last a lifetime. This is a full review and field test of the MSR Alpine Plate.


So why bring a plate along to your next adventure? Having a strong flat surface for food preparation is very useful and in a market dominated by fancy all in one stoves like Jetboils and tiny titanium cups that both give you nothing in terms of food prep area it’s refreshing to have something in your pack that enables a bit of extra creativity in your camp kitchen.

The MSR Alpine Plate sits neatly in your pack which is easily achieved by its flat shape.

Diameter of the MSR Alpine Plate is 20.3cm and 130g in weight which may be considered a luxury for the gram counters out there but its stainless steel and suitably durable for those longer trips we go on in the backcountry. Above all this is a handy item to have in your pack and makes any backcountry trip feel a little more sophisticated!


- Sunny

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