Maxpedition M5 Waistpack Review 2012/08/06

Having quick access to the gear you need is very important. Sometimes when out and about you don’t want to wear a rucksack to only carry small items and so having a good belt system makes a lot of sense to me. The Maxpedition M5 Waistpack sits on your belt or can be worn on a rucksack directly. Above all it serves to help you out by keeping essential items close to hand.


"Founded in 2003 in Los Angeles, California, USA, Maxpedition successfully optimised the design ethos of American military-grade MOLLE gear to suit the needs of everyday life and popularised its functionality to a global audience." Maxpedition website.


The Maxpedition M5 Waistpack is a fairly large waist pack but on the other hand it can sit next to a knife and firesteel perfectly on my belt. I carry essential items which are useful to me as an individual and these will of course change with person to person. Having the Maxpedition M5 Waistpack as a grab bag works for me too.


The Maxpedition M5 Waistpack has one pocket on the exterior which has a small zipped pouch. Once the main flap is unbuckled you have an expandable pouch with two dividers contained within. A shock cord either side for compression if needs be. The main compartment has 7 dividers of different size, plenty for organising. However with all these dividers you cannot simply stuff items in without carefully selecting which space it can fit into first.


Overall the build quality is spot on with the stitch count and attention to detail really standing out. Most importantly it always seems to be on my belt. For the photographers out there the Maxpedition M5 Waistpack makes a good filter and memory card holder. On some occasions I have needed to take photos around camp but wanted the flexibility of being able to carry just a little more photo equipment (Variable NDs, CF cards and batteries etc) without the hassle of a larger pack which can get in the way.

The internal space on the Maxpedition M5 Waistpack is just right, not too big not too small. Carry things like tinder, firesteels and a spare headtorch!
Probably the best thing about the Maxpedition range is the number of different sizes available, so if the M5 is not correct for you then there are a ton of other options too.
Highly Recommended


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