Lowe Alpine Aeon ND33 Rucksack Women's Fit Review 2019/01/08

From commuting and solo trips to the forest the Lowe Alpine AEON ND33 rucksack performs well. Let’s see if this pack will work for you in our full review.


Lowe Alpine AEON’s range are a new series of daypacks. Focused on being lightweight and versatile but also technical. They can be used for a wide range of activities. For instance climbing and the daily commute. Lowe Alpine offers a selection of sizes. 18 litre up to 33 litre with either a zip entry or top loader design. We have been testing the AEON ND 33.

ND Fit

Lowe Alpine’s ND range offers something unique. These are rucksacks that make use of a female specific fit. Taking into account back length, hip belt shape, shoulder straps and load distribution. All of these adjusted to fit the female backpacker. It is encouraging to see a company so dedicated to making women’s fit packs.

The back length of the AEON ND33 pack is adjustable. A back length of 36 – 46cm will work well here. This is such an important yet often overlooked feature. Above all being able to adjust the back length makes for a perfect fit. And, encouragingly, there are other colour options than pink!


The Aeon ND33 has a plethora of features which makes it a highly versatile pack. For example using the Aeon ND33 for a solo trip to the woods, it proved to be an excellent companion. The ND design, as explained above, makes for an effective fit. Meaning as a women you will have a comfortable day using this pack.

The weight at just 0.88 kg is very light indeed. The design of the shoulder straps also add to the comfortable feeling of the pack. Lowe Alpine call the back system and shoulder straps the Flexion Harness. The ‘ultra-thin, low profile harness’ is very comfortable and does not dig in.

Other features include the MultiLock which means you can attach a helmet, or hiking poles to the pack. The Aeon ND33 features a side zip, which means you can access parts of the pack without having to unpack everything. Very useful when on the go and you don’t want to stop and unpack and then repack to move off again. A security pocket in the lid means you can keep your valuables safe. A further lid compartment, side pockets and pockets on the hip belt means there is plenty of ways to keep your gear organised.


This is an excellent versatile pack. Once on your back you can focus on the task at hand as the Aeon ND33 works seamlessly with you. It's small and lightweight yet durable enough to be slung around. Lowe Alpine have made a great pack here. Recommended


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