LED Lenser P7 Torch Review 2013/05/22

Out and about spending time in the backcountry, the woods, hills or rivers is what drives all of us here at Ember Survival. All the instructors here can recall at least one story of being caught out on exposed ground when the sun goes down.It’s then down to your own experience, knowledge and of course equipment. Here we look at the LED Lenser P7 and do a full review. 


I have been using the LED Lenser P7 for well over two years to illuminate my way. I normally take it out of my rucksack a couple of hours before dark and attach it to my belt using the supplied pouch; it’s there if I need it.

The LED Lenser P7 itself has a couple of really good features that separate it from the rest on the market and make it a good addition to your packing list.


Metal construction on the LED Lenser P7 helps protect the torch against considerable knocks and scrapes which is great for when moving through difficult terrain. The lens and bulb assembly is one piece of material that has been moulded together for strength. When you get it in your hands you understand what a difference this makes as most torches have different components for this section. Consequently as they are not bonded together can easily break, whereas the Lenser P7 has one part which is super tough. Probably the most noticeable feature on theLED Lenser P7 is its quick focus system. With a quick one handed action you can move the barrel forwards or backwards to change between a flood beam to a spot light. This is a feature I use often as it works so well. The movement is smooth and effortless but resistant enough to prevent you accidentally changing focus.


In terms of its lighting ability 200 lumens and 210m range is pretty much perfect for backcountry use. The torch itself is still really light at 192g and battery life is excellent, rated at 62hours until the torch completely dies. The LED Lenser P7 is a head turner for cutting through the darkness which can be essential for finding camp again, navigating water or spotting course members who have got a little lost! The LED Lenser P7 also uses gold contacts throughout which help with efficiency and the batteries themselves are all stored within the torch in a cartridge system which makes sure nothing rattles or slips. Highly Recommended


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