Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 Review 2018/03/04

Finding a good rucksack should not be a task of random experimentation. In today’s market place dominated by low quality, high volume and a customer demanding a fair price: its increasingly difficult to find a product that matches your requirements. This is a full review and field test of the Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100.


The Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 is a fully adjustable, high volume pack that is very durable. It offers the user a great load carry option when venturing into parts unknown with a heavy load out. It breaks the trend of mediocrity and offers up a great piece of gear for the outdoors person.

A rucksack has to fit correctly to help you carry mission critical equipment comfortably and effectively over distance. If it doesn't fit then no matter how many features or benefits the pack has it simply wont work for you. A poorly fitting rucksack will cause you pain, soreness and slow your travel down.

Back System

The SA adjustable back support on the Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 can be fine tuned to fit your back perfectly and these adjustments can even be done when you are wearing the pack. This gives the user the choice to refine the fit whilst hiking and as we consume water and food our packs become lighter so being able to compensate for changing pack weight whilst on the move is a fantastic feature. The rucksack can also be adjusted when not being worn too.

The back system also features a huge hip belt with thick back support pad that when you put it on grips you very well. The added benefit is that the load can be pushed through the user’s hips instead of on the shoulders, this is key when you are carrying heavy loads. The shoulder straps are really thick and cushioned too.


The Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 is split into two compartments with a removable fabric divider keeping them separate. A floating lid with pockets covers the main entry point and a hooped zip covers the bottom entry point. The fabric is a very strong 1000D Nylon coated with silicon and PU elastomer which increases strength and tear resistance even more. The fabric is also coated in a DWR which is fluorocarbon based. This type of treatment works exceptionally well at keeping the water from saturating the fabric itself. However the chemicals used in this process are very damaging to the environment and indeed one’s own health. However this pack is meant to be used in extremely demanding conditions and this is one of the strongest treatments available.

Workmanship on the Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100

Talking more about the durability of this pack the thread is rot proof and is bartacked reinforced on high wear areas, such as the grab handles on top and the side of the pack.

Expansion Options

The Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 can be expanded by the addition of PLCE side pouches. If you need the extra capacity and the inclusion of extra webbing on the sides and bottom which can be used for stowing additional gear make this pack a load carrying beast. On the front of the pack there are plenty of lashing points but sadly no MOLLE. We also have attachment points for crampons, ice axes and walking poles. The lid can also accommodate a helmet beneath it.

Using the Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 is fantastic, it carries very heavy loads well. The twin aluminium stays that form the lightweight but strong frame are a necessity in my opinion for larger packs and an attractive one in any size pack. Karrimor SF have wisely included them in this pack for added stability when carrying loads.

If you are living out of your pack for multi-week expeditions carrying mission critical gear such as winter walking equipment and supplies then this is a great pack to compliment this type of travel.


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