Karrimor SF Sabre 45 MOLLE Side Panel Review 2019/05/21

Karrimor SF now offer a MOLLE side panel that allows a huge range of compatible accessories to be attached. This has allowed me to transform my Sabre 45 into having additional storage. Without the need to use a huge side pocket. For my Sabre 45 pack I decided on a IA Medical Pouch and a Roll Up Dump Pouch to attach via the MOLLE side panel.

Add Ons

The Roll Up Dump Pouch is fantastic for storing a tarp, groundsheet and guy lines. The pouch even has space left over for tent pegs. Consequently adding quick access to your shelter without having to open your rucksack. Furthermore the IA Medical Pouch fits a small fuel bottle and wash kit. My preferred method to carry fuel is outside of the main pack. These can be attached to the Sabre 45 via the MOLLE side panel.

MOLLE Side Panel

The MOLLE side panel has zips either side which correspond to ones on the Sabre 45 pack itself. Moreover the MOLLE side panel is also secured via a total of four buckles. The sturdy attachment points allow for a decent amount of weight to be carried in any additional pouches you attach via the MOLLE. Secondly on the other side of the MOLLE strips is a folded fabric storage sleeve, big enough to hold a water bladder or waterproof layer.


The MOLLE side panel really transforms the Sabre 45 into a very helpful and multifunctional pack. Furthermore the MOLLE side panel works on any Karrimor SF pack that can take side pockets. Subsequently for bigger packs you can benefit from adding MOLLE if straps are not already there. Highly Recommended


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