Karrimor SF THOR 40 Rucksack Review 2019/05/07

A military rucksack with specific features to aid the soldier out on patrol but also the busy commuter rushing about town. The Karrimor SF THOR 40 brings together tough materials, a solid design and a different approach to gaining entry to the pack. Let’s find out more in this full review.


The THOR 40 is a 'patrol' style pack with a volume of 40 litres. You have the option to expand it using the MOLLE webbing which covers most of the pack. However the thin hipbelt is not load bearing when worn without webbing so you may have to pack light when around town.

A 'patrol' pack is designed with military movement in mind. Consequently when a soldier is required to react to action immediately by taking up a firing position it is vital to not have any equipment impede this movement. The Karrimor SF THOR 40 has a streamlined shape that keeps out of your way and a quick release pull tab on one of the shoulder straps to aid quick dumping on the pack.

Design of the Karrimor SF THOR 40

The THOR 40 is a very simple rucksack, it is free of all superfluous additions. The first thing that strikes you is the main zip almost completely encircles the pack. The zip is a strong and thick YKK variety with fabric pulls for extra convenience. The zip allows the user to quickly gain access to all of the contents. On top of the THOR 40 we have a smaller zipped pocket for smaller essential items. Also present is a grab handle and two velcro slits that enable antennae and hydration system tubes to pass through unobstructed. Notice too the front facing velcro patch.

The interior of the main compartment features a sleeve which could take a hydration pack or flat shaped equipment. The base of the pack has a small pocket for a rain cover. It is included in the purchase and matches the colour of the pack. The sides of the pack feature two side straps on each side with a plastic buckle release. A streamlined stuff pocket lays beneath the side straps, again one on each side. There is a zipped secret pocket that lays just behind the shoulder straps against your back. This can take a small laptop.


A persons torso is well fitted by the padded and curved shoulder straps. Engaging the sternum strap adds to the overall stability of the pack. The sternum strap can be adjusted or completely removed as the user feels necessary. The Karrimor SF THOR 40 makes extensive use of MOLLE. The front, side and base utilise this feature to allow you to add MOLLE compatible pouches or accessories. It really transforms the pack into something far more customisable.


When worn with body armour or military webbing the Karrimor SF THOR 40 works well. Body armour systems tend to have webbing worn around the waist suspended via a yoke. So that when you are wearing the rucksack it can simply rest on the top of the webbing system and be rather comfortable. It is possible to wear the THOR 40 without webbing or body armour systems but the load will be pushed through your shoulders for the entirety of the hike. This will lead to discomfort and even anguish if the load is high enough. Nothing beats a good hip belt that takes the weight from off your shoulders. However the one on the THOR 40 is very thin and not load bearing. Rucksacks with a large hip belt can get in the way of the user and can cause obstruction. The last thing you want when trying to move quickly.

The Karrimor SF THOR 40 features a quick release tab on one of the shoulder straps for emergency dumping of the pack. The buckle features a reinforced pull tab made of fabric and a hard rubber coating. The quick release buckle has never accidentally disengaged whilst I have been using it, which is a relief!


If you are hiking without a yoke webbing system then the THOR 40 would not be my first choice. The lack of a load bearing hip belt is a deal breaker for me. However for commuting and around town the THOR 40 works well, especially with the hidden laptop sleeve. Solidly put together and very well made this pack is excellent. I have been using mine for almost 6 months pretty much everyday. It holds up especially well to the rigours of transporting gear around town. The pack still looks brand new.


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