Karrimor SF Sabre 30 Rucksack Review 2014/11/03

I have been a long time user of Karrimor SF packs, they seem to be the perfect bushcraft pack for me. I am lucky enough to now be reviewing a very special Sabre 30 in PenCott Badlands! This is our full review on the Karrimor SF Sabre 30.


First let’s talk about that pattern PenCott Badlands. It’s designed to be used in semi-arid conditions where the main colour palette is brown green and dark sand. Badlands has some slight resemblance to digital camo but doesn’t stand out nearly as much nor does it look blocky in that digital way, it’s rather interesting to look at and admire the fine details in the pattern.

The Karrimor SF Sabre 30 itself is the daysack alternative to one of my favourite and most used packs, the karrimorsf sabre 45. Unlike the Sabre 45 version the Sabre 30 cannot take additional side pouches. On the other hand you do gain a little pocket on each side which you could use for water bottle storage.
One other difference is the lack of an internal lid pocket, you only get an external one of the Sabre 30.


Using the Karrimor SF Sabre 30 inspires confidence. Being very tough 600 denier material with a silicone pu coating that repels water very well. These all work together to make the pack very tough, keep the water out and enable the user to travel confidently. Out of the box you get strapping organisers. Therefor you don’t have to bother with sniper tape or plumbers tape to sort out those annoying straps! Good for an urban gear bag too, for example I use it to carry my indoor climbing gear.


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