Bahco Laplander Saw Review 2010/10/20

The community knows the Bahco Laplander well and to clarify my Bahco Laplander has held up to it's name. In short its proven to be a worthy companion.

The saw is very simple with a firm grip and locking mechanism. Its intended use is for the smaller jobs we find around camp for instance making suitable chunks of firewood or shelter building. You are not meant to process very large chunks of wood with the Bahco Laplander.

The blade teeth are branded as XT teeth and they are razor sharp. The benefit of this is they are very fine and help make cutting as easy as possible. The anticorrosion layer which coats the blade helps reduce friction whilst cutting. On the other hand it helps with prolonging the life of the blade.

Using an axe alongside the Bahco is great. For instance the two combined allow for some wonderful carvings or shelters. Above all it speeds up producing firewood therefore saving you valuable time out in the woods. You can even split wood with just a saw and a few well placed cuts.

My Bahco Laplander has held its bite for many years but most importantly you can buy replacement blades.

If you are considering getting a cheaper no brand saw stop yourself and get this one. It is very good at what it does!

It weighs 175g and is 23cm long. Below are some photos of the saw showing its features.


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