AlpKit MytiPot and MytiMug Review 2012/12/27

I use different types of cook wear depending on what locale I will be travelling through. For example in woodland or on bushcraft trips I use a trusty Zebra stainless steel billy. However for hill walking I take a stove and my cookware choice for the hills is a simple one. Nothing has beaten my AlpKit MytiPot & MytiMug. Let's check them out. 


The set is made from titanium and so is super lightweight but strong, good with resisting food sticking to it and easy to clean.

AlpKit MytiMug is a bit of gear that was purchased many years ago and it has been on every trip since. Worth the investment. Its such a handy size too!
The AlpKit MytiMug
It’s a cavernous 750ml capacity so is big enough to fully hydrate in the mornings with a massive brew. I really like the handle which is easy to fold out, with loops big enough to fit big hands through and it feels strong to hold too. I have been using this mug for about 5 years now and it has seen a fair amount of use to which it has held up perfectly. One part I never use is the lid, which I have left at home since I bought it.

AlpKit MytiMug and MytiPot are the perfect partners. So lightweight yet so strong. Great for wild camping cooking.
1350ml capacity and a lid that can be used as a frying pan too. My version is so old that the handle separated from the pot to be attached to the lid for when you were using it as the frying pan (never used it for frying mind) but I believe the newer versions have an inbuilt handle. This is my main concern with the old version; as if you lose the handle you are pretty much screwed.
I would recommend the set for anyone looking to get into lightweight wild camping as I have used mine for trip after trip and not had an issue.  Just remember to look after the handle if you get an old version!


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