Astro Photography in East Sussex 2012/09/03

Using any DSLR or camera with manual controls and you can start to take some super interesting photographs of the night sky. With a long exposure, messing around with focus and ISO you can see more than your naked eye ever could. Astro photography is a fantastic hobby to get into.

Looking at the stars

This was one of my first ever attempts at capturing stars with a dslr. Astro photography requires some knowledge of shutter, aperture and most importantly ISO speed. In addition to all these skills is a tripod or something to keep the camera steady when capturing a photo. Some basic settings to get you started would be:

To capture these images I was using my old Canon 5Dmkii and a L lens. This is a rubbish set up when it comes to astro photography as most modern lenses are auto focus and do not have a hard infinite stop. Nowadays I shoot Nikon with manual focus lenses that tend to come with hard infinite stops. This makes getting that focus of the night sky much easier than hunting with modern lenses.


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