Thermarest NeoAir All Season Review

The Thermarest NeoAir All Season is by far the most comfortable and warm roll mat I have used out and about. Oh and not forgetting its small pack size! Read our full review and field test of this fantastic NeoAir camping mattress. 


Thermarest started a range of roll mats called NeoAir. Using cutting edge technology to provide the user with a tiny pack size, great comfort and above all warmth. All of this with a trail weight we could only dream of before. The NeoAir range has mats for super light weight adventures, car camping and everything in-between. Our review will focus on the Thermarest NeoAir All Season as its a great all round product.

The Thermarest NeoAir All Season is now the third NeoAir product I have used. The first being the NeoAir XLite followed by the Trekker and now the All Season.


The NeoAir All Season is one of Thermarest’s latest products and if you are looking to invest in a ‘do it all’ roll mat then you may want to give this one a closer look. The All Season is 540g (reg size), a very comfortable 6.3cm thick. This thickness makes those little bumps and lumps in the ground just disappear beneath you. Consequently why it’s so easy to fall asleep on. Pack size is very respectable too, just a little bigger than a 1 litre Nalgene (reg size).

Thermarest NeoAir All Season
Thermarest NeoAir All Season in a small bivi tent in North Wales. The ripstop face fabric is just visible in this photo.

R Value

The R value of the Thermarest NeoAir All Season is 4.9. The R value is a measure of thermal resistance. Higher the number the less heat is allowed through a material.

Thermarest use a couple of cool bits of tech in the All Season, first is the ‘Triangular Core Matrix’. Basically loads of small pockets of air which help break up the interior of the roll mat into little rooms making it more stable and slows heat loss as the air cannot move so freely inside.

Triangular Core Matrix. Helps to create loads of tiny pockets of air instead of one large one. This helps stabilise the mat and increase warmth

Some of these pockets are coated in a reflective material, I’m guessing by the sound and weight of the roll mat, its Aluminium. This is a much better solution than using a synthetic or down fill inside a roll mat as condensation can build up inside these and affect the longevity of the product. Using a fill also increases bulk.

Reflective layering helps return heat towards you. Perhaps allowing for a lighter weight sleeping bag?

Optional Pump

So you find a lovely camp spot next to a remote mountain tarn, pack comes off and tent goes up. What happens next depends on you, if you decided to bring the little mini pump that comes with the All Season then that can help you inflate the mat, however I like keeping things simple. Inflating manually does take a little while but it’s more than acceptable, what you gain from that small pack size and thickness of mat more than outweighs the ever so slight inconvenience of it not self-inflating, so much so, I do not see it as an issue for regular camping.  However if you get out of breath easily, take the pump.


As the shadows roll over the landscape the thought of climbing into your tent for some well-deserved shelter from the wind becomes a situation impossible to refuse. When you are sitting on any NeoAir style product the mat does get pretty thin where your bum is, as all your weight is focussed on one spot but when you stretch out and lay down that’s when that comfort kicks in. You don’t even have to lay down with your back flat on the mat, it’s just as comfy on your side on the All Season. Through the night it really provides tangible warmth, perhaps even allowing you to get away with a lighter weight sleeping bag?


One can be pretty rough with the Thermarest NeoAir All Season thanks to its hard wearing face fabric, but always check your pitch spot for thorns and sharp sticks etc. This is just good camping practise anyway. When it comes to pack down the All Season, roll all the air out of it first and close the valve. Then roll it up again but this time taking care to make it nice and neat and since now most of the air is already out it’s much easier.

Thermarest have a lifetime guarantee on their products, including the NeoAir series. This is a big deal as it gives you the confidence in the gear and tech they provide. 

Highly Recommended

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