Natural Expedition Cosmetics

Spending time outdoors the environment takes its toll on our skin, hair and one’s odour. Taking care of these aspects is easy when close to home but when out on expedition and especially the longer ones it becomes harder. I am very interested in natural based cosmetic solutions and I feel resorting to harsh chemicals and metals to use on oneself is not the answer when in town or in the backcountry.

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Rab Ridge Raider Review

Lets get something out the way first. Sleeping in a bivi does require a special type of person. Either you are very hardy and able to cope with claustrophobia or someone who is foolhardy to cope with rolling around in the dark while accidentally trapped inside their bivi because they cannot find the zip in the dark. 

The bivi experience is dark, cramped and probably a bit damp so why do I use them?

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