Karrimor SF Predator 80 – 130 Expedition Rucksack Review

The Karrimor SF Predator 80 – 130 is perfect for those longer trips in the backcountry, most recently I have used this rucksack in Finnish Lapland for a winter snowshoeing trip.

It’s a large, very durable and no nonsense expedition rucksack that is able to carry heavy loads long distances. Operating in colder conditions means you have to take more gear and supplies with you to be comfortable and operate effectively, all this requires a rucksack that you can depend on.

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Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 Review

Finding a good rucksack should not be a task of random experimentation. In today’s market place dominated by low quality, high volume and a customer demanding a fair price: its increasingly difficult to find a product that matches your requirements. This is a full review and field test of the Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100.
The KarrimorSF Sabre 60 – 100 is a fully adjustable, high volume pack that is very durable. It offers the user a great load carry option when venturing into parts unknown with a heavy load out.

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Berghaus Vulcan Rucksack Review Cyclops II

The trouble of hiking with a rucksack, especially a large one, is that when it’s fully loaded the weight inside distorts the shape and structure of the pack. Often resulting in a very uncomfortable walk. The ghastly lump sagging behind you, feeling separate to your body and throwing you off balance. This is a full review and field test of the Berghaus Vulcan. 

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