Savulohirouhe Tomaattikastikkeessa Review

Using canned food whilst hiking is something I have never been a fan of. The leftover container accompanies you for the rest the trip and long after you have enjoyed the contents you are stuck with the often smelly container. However my curiosity for several canned goods on sale from a Finnish website called Varusteleka have peaked. Please enjoy our taste test of Savulohirouhe Tomaattikastikkeessa.

What better way to kick start excitement for returning to the great outdoors than some tasty expedition grub?

Kalakalle Savulohirouhe Tomaattikastikkeessa
Savulohirouhe Tomaattikastikkeessa

Kala-Kalle are the brand that manufacturers the canned goods for Varusteleka. We will start with my favourite tin of smoked salmon groats in tomato sauce.

Savulohirouhe Tomaattikastikkeessa

You are first presented with a dubious reddish substance with a little oil floating on the surface. It doesn’t look so good at this stage but if you refuse to eat it by only going on first impressions you will consequently miss out on this very tasty snack. Full of small pieces of carrot suspended in a loose paste made of tomatoes and smoked salmon.

Kalakalle Savulohirouhe Tomaattikastikkeessa

I served mine with simple boiled potatoes and a side salad with freshly ground black pepper. After the first bite I entered flavour paradise. In conclusion the groats go amazingly well with the potatoes and bring their own distinct tomatoey sweetness with a background of salmon.

Highly Recommended


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